Sunday, December 21, 2014

Roll of the die: Kežmarské hut by Atelier 8000

The design for a special chalet for hikers and adventurers, located in Slovakia’s High Tatra mountains, looks as though someone has playfully tossed a die from heaven.
This submission to an international design competition comes from the drawing board of the Czech architecture studio Atelier 8000.
The cube, which rests on one of its vertices, will offer hikers year-round shelter and accommodation. Moreover, it is self-sufficient in terms of energy. The façade is divided into square panels clad primarily in aluminum, but also glazed to serve as windows. Solar panels have been integrated here as well.
On the one hand, the Kežmarské Hut resembles an unreal object in the landscape. But its sharp edges and pointy tip also call to mind an erratic boulder from the surrounding mountains.
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