Sunday, December 21, 2014

Muji: Getting the most out of a tiny plot

All photos: Muji
All photos: Muji
The Japanese Muji design label enjoys success with its minimalist products all over the world. Now the first  Muji prefab house has been completed in Tokyo.
As much living space as possible on a small city plot –this is not only what Muji set out to provide but what it has definitely achieved in coming up with a split-level house plan. A wooden staircase in the centre of the building connects the three floors, where the various living activity areas are organised without impeding doors. This gains a lot of space and at the same time floods the house with light while creating a spacious feel. With its façade and floors in wood, the house makes the same simple, natural and efficient impression of all Muji products.
Source: designboom
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by editorial office Detail Daily on 11/20/2014 All photos: Muji

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