Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Perfect home for whiskered housemates

CatCube by Delphine Courier
Anyone who has been granted the privilege of acting as a human can opener and attention dispenser to a cat will naturally do anything to please their furry masters, hopefully without encroaching too much on their own aesthetic living style.

This idea is the brainchild of Belgian graphic designer Delphine Courier. After a shopping trip to a pet shop, she- like so many others – was appalled at the selection of items that pass for cat furniture, abominations that even the most devoted cat lover would have reservations about placing in their own home.

The solution: for her cat Pistache, Courier designed a retreat incorporating many positive characteristics. The icosahedron, made of recycled cardboard, is robust and provides an ideal hiding place for any cat. What’s more, it is available in several attractive designs, and it is affordable – a good thing, especially when we remember how much cats love cardboard as a claw-sharpening material. For those without cats of their own, the CatCube is the perfect present for any friend who shares living space with a feline companion.










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