Sunday, November 10, 2013

colored strings

Strung out: A canopy for a Williamsburg bridge by HOTTEA.

Photos: HOTTEA.

With a bit of imagination and a ball of string, one can do a lot more than find your way out of a maze.
The artist HOTTEA, who likes working with coloured string, is a case in point. She has created this installation over a rather dull-looking bridge in Williamsburg, USA and in doing so, is leading local residents out of the unfathomable monotony of their environment with the introduction of a little colour.
It is a very simple idea with a powerful logic that is remarkably effective. It demonstrates that vibrancy can be created even in relatively unpromising situations with limited means.
It would be interesting to see what this modern-day Ariadne would do with a bigger commission.
Christopher C. Hill.

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