Saturday, July 23, 2011

ann carrington

i don't watch much tv, but when i do, it's pretty much just hgtv.  once in awhile a unique artist will bring something extra to the table which will then inspire an entire concept for a space.  here is one artist i recently saw through one of the programs.  her work is so incredible and detail-oriented, down to the last sequin, i just couldn't resist the temptation to see more of her work:

Manhattan Mettle (39in x 25in)

Manhattan Mettle Detail (39in x 25in)

Pearly Queen of Dalston (16.5in x 21.25in)

Pearly Queen of Bow (16.5in x 20in)

Pearly Crown Jewels of England Detail (16.25in x 23.5in)
Stars and Strips (39in x 23in)

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