Monday, May 16, 2011

metropol parasol

so i've been slacking... which is why im behind on posting this. it is the metropol parasol in seville, spain, a competition for the redevelopment of plaza de la encarnacíon, designed by j. mayer h. architects. it is an incredibly huge and but elegantly sculptural work that curves paths within the plaza itself, as well as in the sky, with walkways that wind at 93.5 feet above ground, to give panoramic views of the historic city. i am proud to say i experienced the makings of this new "central hub" of seville, back in 2008, when i visited with my parents after graduating a grueling 5 years of architecture school:

i have to admit, at the time i thought it would never be completed. oh how i wish i could return and see it in full bloom!!

here are some of my favorite photos. one day i will return and take some of my own....

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